Tobel was born in Germany the 1st of March 1968. He is freelance sculpture artist. He is also married to Christiane Ahlhelm and he has two wonderful children, Flora and Emil . He has participated in many exhibitions and symposiums. Solo- exhibitions for example :

  • 1996 Germany / Würzburg Galerie Nulldrei
  • 1998 Germany / Weyarn Kunstkabinett Zehenthof, Germany / Sankt Augustin Galerie Sassen
  • 1999 Germany / Oberdiessen Malura Museum

Symposium for example :

  • 2013 Germany / Schweinstal Bildhauer symposium Rheinland-Pfalz, China / Qingdao 2. Intern. Sculpture Symposium, Germany / Valley 1. Intern. KUNSTDÜNGER Symposium.
  • 2014 Taiwan / Kinmen 1. Intern. Quemoy Sculpture Symposium, Germany / Valley 2. Intern. KUNSTDÜNGER Symposium Italy / Sardegna Intern. Sculpture Symposium
  • 2015 Germany / Valley 3. Intern. KUNSTDÜNGER Symposium, China/Wuhu 5th Wulu Liou Kaiqu Sculpture Exhibition.

Title of the project: "SPIRAL"

Concept: The sculpture "Spiral" connects the visitor with the flow of energy in two directions. Eternality towards the blue sky or deep inside our dreams. The sculptor is following the natural shape and movement of the stone, thus leaving the outer form of the stone unchanged. The vacuum, devoid of material becomes the focus point, and the age of the stone-several hundred millions of years become visible.

Material: Ayia Napa Natural Stone
Dimensions: H 250cm x W 100cm x D 60cm
Work period: 25/01/2016 - 13/02/2016

Title: “Uyuni” - Whirlwind
ArtistisLorena Olivares & TOBEL
Material: Greek marble
Dimensions: Ø 90 cm x 40 cm.

Concept: Place of concentration, the calm in the empty spiral center.
Uyuni is a lonesome city high up in the bolivian mountains (Altiplano).
The meaning of “Uyuni”in aymara language is “place of concentration”.
Our sculpture is a circle, at its center an empty spiral space opens, refers in part to the "place of concentration", at the same time refers to the calm that exists in the center of the hurricane around which everything is moving.