Cedric Hennion

Cedric Hennion

Cedric Hennion was born in 1984 in France. He works at Saint Savinien in France. Cédric Hennion, nicknamed Cedricovich, is an artist born in the same work of manual labor. A priori from a traditional craft is modeler, stonecutter, sculptor, hard hammer and chisel. His sculpture is composed of a mineral mass, elements necessary for all creative stone.

The sculptor has a difficult art mixing brutality, vivacity and strength. It is in a striking antagonism he fashions his art in the stiffness of the material to detect the finesse and delicacy reveal.

From there, creates a minimalist style, close to the minimalism, allowing the material to express its fragility. On the strength of these gestures, Cédric Hennion gives a new dimension to the stone stiffened by age. He turns to find his modernity with contemporary lines.

Parts of this talented sculptor called the sweetness and bliss as the almost carnal desire revealed by voluptuously curved polished

Title of the project: "THE MODERN HUMAN"

Concept: ‘This sculpture inspired of the ancestral art of the Pacific appears very representative of the shareholders of the globalization of which we do all left today. The man with the empty head exposes a whole civilisation not belonging more to one tribe but rather to a trend of lif which involves people to be melted in a prefabricated mould. My sculpture represents this mould where each person at the time of makes all the force of this work. This project includes modern “women” carrying the world’.

Material: Limestone
Dimensions:  250 x 80 x 65 cm
Base: 60 x 120 x 120 cm
Work period: 18/04/2016 - 06/05/2016

Title of the project: Lonely Man
Concept: It is a man seating on the stone, he is taking a rest and profit of the fresh stone looking at the sea and thinking about nothing he just feels good by himself.