Omar Toussoun

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Omar Toussoun

Omar Toussoun was born in Alexandria, Egypt.
1993-He graduated from Faculty of Specific Education (Art) Alexandria University.
1996- He has High diploma of sculpture - Member of Syndicate of plastic art – Egypt. He is a member of the group of Artists & writers (L’Ateiler ) Cairo & Alexandria and since 2002 a member of the jury of modern Egyptian artist’s documentation.

Since 2013 he is an Executive Commissaire of Mukhtar Museum, Ministry of culture, Cairo, Egypt and since 2014 he is a General Commissaire of Association of fine arts lovers, Cairo.He has participated in many national & international exhibitions all over the world.

Title of the project: "Meeting of Isis & Aphrodite"
Concept: "Omar as Egyptian, he parallels the Egyptian Goddess Isis with the Cypriot Aphrodite and presents the embrace between them".
Dimensions:200 X 60 X 30 cm, 50 X 60 X300cm, 150 X 150 X40 cm
Work period: 01/11/2014 - 21/11/2014