Jakob Neulinger

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Jakob Neulinger

Jakob Neulinger was born in Vienna, Austria. He lives and works as an artist and writer in Vienna. He is an assistant professor / lecturer at University of Applied Arts Vienna Fine Arts and Media Art – Transmedia since 2014.he was the director and  the co-founder  of Kunstverein MAGAZIN Wien from 2010 until 2013. He has participated in many symposiums, contests and exhibitions.

Title of the project: " Ένωσις / henosis / oneness "

"Consists of two one-shaped figures carved out of stone. Similar to flag-sticks these two icons seem to lay claim to the same piece of rock. Their coexistence on such a minimal surface seams like a strange concept but also quite invariable. Both characters are made out of marbles, basically metamorphosed limestones. 1 is not only a number it also represents entity, the unit of counting or measurement, the word itself can be used as a noun, an adjective and a pronoun, used in mathematics, technology, science and sports. In the philosophy of Plotinus or other neoplatonists, The One represents the ultimate reality and is the source of all existence. The title of the sculpture Henosis refers to the mystical unity of becoming one with oneself, as well as it refers to the movement to unify separated Greek-Communities and incorporate them into the Greek state. There is no (political) correct way to read my sculpture. According to the French poet Paul Valéry to see is to forget the name of the thing one sees. Reflecting this or looking at the given situation another conclusion might be we human beings all might be one, but clearly not the same".

Dimensions:  60 x 15 x 15 cm
Materials:Paphos marble / Kerynia marble
Work period: 02/02/2015-22/02/2015

Jakob Neulinger