Nikolay Yotov

Nikolay Yotov

Nikolay Yotov was Born in 09.08.1973, Dobrich, Bulgaria. In 1996/2001- M.A. wood sculpture, National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria. In 1987/1992- Secondary School for Applied Arts, Tryavna, Bulgaria. He is a Member of a Union of Bulgarian Artist of IAA / UNESCO. He has participated in many symposium for example :

  • 2015- National sculpture symposium, St.Konstantin and Elena, Bulgaria, lime stone
  • 2014- Joint exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2013- International Tehran sculpture symposium, Iran, wood
  • 2011- Alanya International stone sculpture symposium, Turkey, marble
  • 2011- National sculpture symposium, Byala, Bulgaria, wood
  • 2011- International sculpture symposium, Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey, wood
  • 2010- International sculpture symposium, Green art festival-Ordu, Turkey, lime stone.

He was awarded for his work in various competitions for example:

  • 2004- ARTIADE, Athens, Greece
  • 2002- First prize, St.Piere de Chartreuse, France

Title of the project:  "ANGEL"

Concept: "In the last dark hour of the night, Angels come to love us and awaken us".