Antonella Tiozzo

Antonella Tiozzo

Antonella Tiozzo was born in Venice, Italy. She has Diploma of Sculpture cum laude from the Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, Italy.
1994-1995: Teacher of Sculpture in the private High School of Art, Padova, Italy.
1997-2001: Teacher of ancient sculpting techniques and calligraphy on papyrus, Archaeological Museum, Venice, Italy.
2008-2010: Teacher of Sculpture in Primary Schools, Sestri Levante and Rapallo, Italy.
She participated in exhibitions and symposiums in many different countries.

Title of the project: "Sailing on moonlight waters"

Concept: "Sometimes it’s difficult to follow the love we feel. But,as the lady who could not marry the beloved man and built Ayia Napa monastery devoting her heart to Holy Mary, love just changes shape and it’s never lost. We only need to listen at it and let it fly".

Dimensions: 55 X 85 X 300

Work period: 19/04/2015-10/05/2015