Agia Napa, The City Boat

Agia Napa, The  City Boat

Concept: "Agia Napa, The  City Boat" is a reflection on the concepts that I intend to reflect in my work, I try to make a small monument to every city that welcomes me with their characteristics, their culture, their heritage and history, its people.

Formally this is another of my boat, this time carrying a converted or city, is a game of volumes and concepts that also take us to the philosophy of lifelong journey, life change.
The base curve can denote instability but also sensitivity, movement, permanence. A central volume of architectural elements emerge, despite the slope maintain their vertical position, regardless of the inclination difficulty. Set of forms and contents, lights and concepts that make the work in a simple monument to the force and time.

Dimensions: 300m X 100m X 100m
Work period: 25/03/2015-12/04/2015